Press Article Thailand  – May 2014

Baur Asia opened the markets and markets Consumer Products. Thailand is a hub for settling international distribution as an alternative to Singapore. Thailand has good stability

The strong SME Thailand. will  push the status of quality products.

Key  strategy using both expansion and new products continuously. Target healthy people Growth target this year is 20%.     Mr. Thomas Datwyler Chairman said in the interview that they represent high quality manufacturers from the country of Switzerland and Sri Lanka. The company established a new company under the name Baur Asia Limited and is responsible for marketing and distribution.

Daetrade International (Pvt.) Ltd. distributes MLESNA teas from Sri Lanka, a high quality product both in the quality of tea and packaging.

With the introduction of its exports to markets abroad Baur Asia is expanding its market to 10 countries in Asia such as Singapore, South Korea, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand. It aims to use Thailand as a hub for the distribution of goods.

I believe that the country’s economic stability facilitates investment in Thailand also despite some small political concerns. Just as Baurs invested in Sri Lanka 118 years ago, the companies with a long term vision will excel even in difficult times..

The personnel in Thailand is well qualified and  loyal considering the company like a second home. Even when when other companies are motivated by a higher return, we work on a long term strategy. That is why we have decided on Thailand.

Mlesna tea is a prime product and some items are packed in wooden box. Differs from other brands in terms of quality and presentation with 10 flavours launched in Thailand in 10 flavors such as mango, strawberry, earl grey, rose etc. which has a growing market share in Thailand since its launch in 2013.

We will focus on quality tea and what makes the company competitive is tightening its quality and manufacturing standards continuously.

Thomas Daetwyler Chairman Baurs


Interview with Thomas Daetwyler, Chairman Baurs On Than Online May 2014